Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Protests against UEFA decision of playing sub-21 European championship in the Apartheid Regime in Palestine

The hypocrisy of European cultural and sporting entities towards the Apartheid Regime in Palestine is obviously less and less sustainable by the moment. Taking risky decisions in futile attempts to normalize the presence of Israel (= Apartheid Regime in Palestine) in European competitions can only increase the contradictions. These are such that in a blatant act of double standards and hypocrisy, UEFA President Michel Platini found himself obliged to briefly show sympathy to those protesting against his atrocious decisions and allow himself to be photographed with a leading campaigner and a shirt of the Palestinian National Team. 

But don't deceive yourselves with that hypocritical picture just conceived to appease the a European public opinion that is fiercely and growingly anti-Zionist. Platini also defended his atrocious decision and went back to earn his millionaire salary as chief of an organization that clearly collaborates with Zionism, Apartheid Palestine and Genocide against Palestinians. 

Boycott Israel, boycott UEFA!!!

Source and more details at Jews sans frontieres.

Update: petition (in French) HERE.

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