Sunday, January 27, 2013

Morsi declares state of emergency at Suez Canal

Funeral at Port Said
A spat of most controversial death sentences, arguably designed to appease Cairo football fans, have ignited the Canal by which most trade goes between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The cities of Suez, Port Said and Ismailia, all three located along the Suez Canal, have seen these days riots challenging the clearly overwhelmed Egyptian state, which looks more and more powerless under the anti-consensual reactionary leadership of Islamist President Morsi. 

The people who are now protesting against Morsi in Suez as in Cairo are almost exactly the same who did it two years ago against Mubarak: in fact the greatest weaknesses of Morsi are two: (1) that he's seen as a divisive sectarian and (2) that he's seen as continuity for the Mubarak regime.

As desperate measure Morsi just declared the state of emergency in all the Canal Region (governorates of Suez, Ismailia and Port Said). I see it as a clear sign of weakness: a clear sign that his political strategy which has Egypt licking the Zionist boots exactly the same as with Mubarak, which looks to reinforce the autocratic figure of the President while keeping the country weak and submissive, is collapsing.

Is the Girondine phase over?

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