Thursday, January 10, 2013

Greek police leaks plan to eradicate squats in Greece

The police are putting into action a plan to evict about 40 buildings that have been occupied by various groups across the country. After the intervention in the squats of Villa Amalias and Skaramanga, the ministry of public order is planning to take more action in the following days.
According to the newspaper The News, the intervention in the squat Skaramanga took place only a few hours after the attempted re-occupation of Villa Amalias on Wednesday, whilst – according to information [meaning: by the police -- trans ] – it was planned to take place after a few days. However, it was decided that it should take place immediately instead, in order to send a direct message that “situations of lawlessness will no longer be tolerated”.
Typical of the atmosphere at the Ministry of Public order was the comment made by an official: “in Villa Amalias the first squat lasted for 22 years and the second one for 22 minutes”.
At the same time the 93 arrested of Villa Amalias declare in a statement of theirs published online: “We knew that we will come under attack and obviously that we would be arrested. We will do it again as many times as it takes, for this and for any other social space of resistance of those from below that comes under attack. Neither weapons, nor their slandering scare us [...] Against the hurricane of repression, let’s pit the storm of solidarity”
As announced already, there will be more actions on Saturday. At noon on Saturday there will be a [solidarity] gathering at the Propylea [of the University of Athens].

Greece has one of the strongest occupation (squat) movement on Europe and Earth with several social centers in every university and popular neighborhood with a history of decades. It seems that the bourgeois government and the Nazi police agree to destroy it now. Will they succeed? Sounds unlikely. 

Meanwhile in the Greek streets the initial response did not wait. To the many protests mentioned yesterday, today roads were cut by mean of fire barricades. But it seems that this would be just the beginning.

Arrested in Corinth accused of belonging to the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (circumstantial evidence)

In a loosely related news, Contra Info reports that a 29 years old man was arrested in Corinth because, apparently, one of his fingerprints was found in a mobile object located in the apartment of one of the accused. The accusation looks extremely feeble but it is clear that the bourgeois state is on the offensive and will try to destroy the vigorous Greek class movement by means of repression. 

Expect the worst.

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