Sunday, January 27, 2013

Macabre humor: Davos declares the economic crisis to be over

The club of wealthy jokers from around the World that meets in the Swiss resort of Davos every year to plan their practical and often humorless pranks against you and me, have declared:

The Crisis is over!


I bet they plan to end unemployment by killing millions through laughter.

Meanwhile, desperate with any sign that would ratify their mad bourgeois optimism, Business Insider thanker the masters of the World for this last joke... which they ironically seem to believe. After all they have been prophesying the end of the crisis since before it even began.

The reality however seems much gloomier: the crisis will continue for years, maybe even for decades until radical revolutionary programs are applied and Capitalism itself is deconstructed.

Actually that's what you get when you browse some other less wishful thinking media. The NYT understands that instead The Crisis has become normality (yeah, pretty much), while The Economic Times interprets instead that The Crisis is NOT over

Ah, not, yes, normal... all at the same time, so you can pick your favorite doctrine? Who cares: we just see the facts on the ground and don't care what the aristocrats may say in their luxury fortress. We see everything horribly bad, with a worsening tendency and normalized. It can explode at any moment anywhere or it can remain latent for one, two, three or even more years before people really gets angry and kick some ass... and some head probably too. 

What won't happen, much less any time soon, is any sort of return to the pre-2008 normality. The aristocrats have decreed that people must suffer and die so they keep their profit rates high... it is just up to the people and how much will they withstand: will they march to Auschwitz, whose slogan was quite ironically "work shall make you free", sheepishly or will they raise in arms?

Sooner than later we will see the latter. And then maybe some of those filthy capitalist pigs meeting in Davos will not laugh anymore.

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