Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nazis kicked out of the streets of Heraklion

Some 30 youths of the infamous Greek Nazi party Golden Dawn were spreading their propaganda in the streets of Heraklion for the second day in a row when local antifascists beat the hell out of them, needing to be attended at hospital in many cases with broken limbs or other injuries. Three antifascists also suffered injuries needing some attention.

As soon as police forces saw that their Nazi allies were in trouble, they intervened but could not arrest anyone. The antifascists captured some weapons and mobile phones from the Nazis.

A second less dramatic showdown happened at hospital (both camps ended up in the same facility). Police sent two squads to protect the Nazis but the tires of their vehicles got destroyed anyhow. 

The antifascists warn that:

From now on, every attempt of fascists to distribute their material will be accompanied by cops, ambulances, stitches, broken heads, etc. More anti-Nazi actions will follow, even better next time.

Crete, whose capital is Heraklion, is a stronghold of the left with very small fascist presence.

Zero tolerance against Fascism!

Source: Contra Info.

Update: From the Greek Streets has a video of the action → LINK.

Update: Nazis of Golden Dawn murdered a Pakistani

This happened before this action and is not directly related but very much needing mention.

The murder of Serdar Yakoub, 26, in Petralona (Athens) of clear racist motivation, has been whitewashed by the police and media as result of a traffic dispute. The criminals held many weapons, including abundance of metal pellets (for bombs?), as well as leaflets of "certain political party" which is known (from leaks only, police continued with their cover up) that is, of course, Golden Dawn.

Source: From the Greek Streets link 1, link 2.

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