Sunday, January 13, 2013

Demand a Truth Commission for the Basque Country going back to 1936

Basque organization for the research of recent history Lau Haizeetara Gogoan (To The Four Winds In Memory) has distributed a communication demanding a Truth Commission as the ones implemented in South Africa or Ireland, to clarify the historical truth of violence in the Basque Country, beginning with the Fascist coup of 1936. 

The Commission should investigate the truth, apply justice and produce reparation (including measures to prevent repetition). 

The Commission would be in charge of bringing to light all violations of human rights that have not been investigated for lack of political will, notably the political genocide (murder of hundreds of thousands for their ideology) and other crimes against Humankind by the Fascist regime and the State Terrorism under the alleged "democracy".

They oppose the Amnesty Law of 1977, which was in fact a law of impunity for the crimes of Fascism.

The initiation of this Commission was approved by the Western Basque Parliament in 2008 but the rigging of elections in 2009 produced a farcical Parliament controlled by the unionists which did not allow its implementation. 

Source: Lau Haizetara Gogoan[es/eu].

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