Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paris triple murder 'bears the mark of a state': Turkey and France are main suspects

Modern Walther PPK/E gun
(CC by ThePierreR)
Some factoids on the murder of three PKK members in Paris last Thursday:
  • As mentioned earlier the three women were shot three or four times on the head each.
  • The ammunition used is caliber 7.65 mm, a relatively rare format used by weapons like the German Walther PPK (used by armed/police forces in many countries included France and Turkey, this last country has also produced variants of it).
  • Sakine Cansiz, probably the main target, is considered very close to Oçalan.
  • Cansiz and Dogan were closely watched by French police, so the French Government must know what happened.

Kurds protested the murder
In this sense the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has declared that will held the French government responsible if the crime is not clarified. 

The main suspect are the Far Right networks in the Turkish Army, traditionally opposed to any kind of concessions to Kurdish demands (that includes the NATO-related terrorist organization Ergenekon and the Fascist movement Gray Wolves). However, as I mentioned previously, the attitude of the Turkish Government, quickly blaming internal PKK feuds is extremely suspicious, so the authors may well have acted under command of Ankara and most likely also with the complicity of the French state apparatus, which is generally supportive of the political status quo in Europe against the demands of stateless peoples like Basques or Kurds (or earlier in Yugoslavia strongly supportive of Serbian centralism). 

Kurds to continue with dialogue

P. Barrena (L) and H. Guneser (R)
In press conference today in this town of Bilbao, where she is visiting to take part in the demonstration that will take place today in solidarity with Basque prisoners and refugees, Havin Guneser, speaker of the International Initiative Freedom for Abdullah Oçalan, that the crime bears the executor mark of a state.

She said that the Kurdish movement has declared their intention of continuing with the dialogue no matter what. She insisted however that the peace process can only be built from truth, respect and recognition of all the rights, and from the negotiation in conditions of equality

Guneser also denounced the unlimited collaboration of European governments with Ankara.

Basque Nationalist Left leader Pernando Barrena, who was in the press conference with Guneser, pointed to Ankara as the true culprit of this political murder and demanded from the Turkish regime to abandon repression and to rise the banner of solution instead.

Sources[es]: Gara, Naiz Info (link 1, link 2).

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