Sunday, January 6, 2013

Europeans set themselves on fire while their governments plunder the public resources

Ex-SKF calls my attention today to the last spat of bonzo-style suicides in Spain and other European countries. 

Last ones have been in Málaga (Andalusia), where a 57 year-old man of Moroccan origin who was homeless and did not even have anything to eat set himself alight and died later at hospital (→ El País in English). Another person, 67, also set himself alight with his last possession, a car, under a bridge also in Málaga. He survived (→BBC).

Previously, in October, a German (→ Zero Hedge) and then a Romanian resident in Italy (→ Zero Hedge) set themselves alight before the Bundestag of Berlin and the Presidential Palace of Rome respectively.

The Italian immolation

I have already commented of other suicides caused by economic desperation in the State of Spain and Greece in this blog, although they are clearly only the tip of the iceberg. Most just don't make it to the news, even if locally.

The situation is very bad and growing worse by the moment. 

In the same article Laprimavera, the author of Ex-SKF blog, also mentions this article at Zero Hedge, which explains how the State of Spain has been lowering its credit ratings by using up to 90% of our Social Security fund (paid in advance by workers and employers) into bonds, bonds that may well default some day not too far into the future (let's get real). 

Meanwhile the military budget has been risen by 11%, thousands of new jobs as police agent have been created and the subsidies to the Catholic Church and their huge network of public funded private schools remains untouched.

They kill us, they pee on our corpses and they laugh while raping a child under an icon of a crucified man of times long gone, drinking champagne and eating caviar. That's the reality in Europe right now. 

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