Tuesday, January 15, 2013

European Court backs Spain in banishment of historical Basque political party

The 2008 illegalization of Basque Nationalist Action (EAE-ANV), historical party of the Basque Left which fought with bravery against fascism in the war that followed the military coup of 1936, not only in the Basque Country but also in Spanish and French lands, has been confirmed as legal by the European Court of Human Rights.

The European Court claims that the political ideas of the historical socialist party "contradicted the concept of democratic society" (my ass!) and that "it posed a great risk for Spanish democracy" (→ Naiz Info[es]).

De Gaulle salutes EAE-ANV fighters (Euskal Brigada) (source)
So the ECHR thinks that Basque democracy, where a large fraction of Basque voters supported this party even after legal banishment (officially declared null votes), is irrelevant and that only the so-called "Spanish democracy" forged out of 35 years of fascist tyranny and totally disrespectful of the democratic right of Basques to rule ourselves as we wish is the only thing that matters and that we Basques have no room nor rights in Europe. 

Let's dig a canal and become an island! More absurd things have been done and this sentence really leaves Basques out of Europe. So long and thanks for nothing, Europe.

Update: The Basque Nationalist Left (Ezker Abertzalea), Basque Action (Eusko Ekintza) and Eusko Lurra (The Basque Land) have condemned the ECHR in the hardest terms for this fascist decision which does not help at all → Borroka Garaia Da! (in Basque and Spanish).

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