Thursday, January 24, 2013

Palestine: Lubna Hanash murdered by IDF

Zioterrorism: Bilin 2010 (source)
Several members of the colonial Israeli Army (IDF), traveling in a civilian vehicle but wearing their uniforms, arbitrarily opened fire against a group of natives walking to Al-Arroub college, near Arroub Refugee Camp, both in the road between Bethlehem and Hebron. There was no kind of provocation whatsoever.

As result of this murderous attack, Lubna Hanash, 22, student al Al-Quds University, who was visiting her sister in the Arroub Camp, was badly injured, dying at hospital. 

Per Reuters:

Witnesses said Lubna Hanash and her companions were walking to al-Arroub College when men in Israeli military uniforms travelling in a civilian car shot at the group.

Another unnamed woman was also injured but survived.

Zionist sources then made up an ex-post-facto pretext about being attacked with petrol bombs and what not but nothing of that seems to be true. 

Source: Electronic Intifada (incl. video of arrival to hospital).

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