Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tahrir Square packed again

Liberation (Tahrir) Square in Cairo is again packed of people who protest against President Morsi plans of Mubarakist continuity with increased religious intolerance (Mubarak regime was already fundamentalist as are most regimes based on Sharia but Morsi is working to worsen that into a Saudi-like style).

The result is images that remind of two years ago:

January 25th in Cairo but January 2013, not January 2011

The difference is that while back then it was first page in Al Jazeera, today it is hidden in a corner. True that the violence in Suez became a convenient ideout before the masses chanting 'irhal' (leave) to Morsi as they did to Mubarak two years ago. 

But it is clear that the Egyptian revolution is an unfinished revolution which is going through a Girondine phase (continuation through shallow reform) and has still to reach its true revolutionary stage in which the world is put upside down. 

It may be true that most Egyptians outside the major cities still think reactionary but it is also true that revolutions are not driven solely or even mostly on ideas: they are driven by hunger and exhaustion. The problems of 80 million famished Egyptians can't be solved with mere praying to Mecca, begging to Riyadh and prostrating to the murderous manipulators of Tel Aviv. Uncle Sam and Uncle Saud simply cannot put up enough money to solve the problems of Egypt, nor they wish to (in their exploiter ideology: workers must be kept as squeezed as possible so they have to beg for work and everything else to them, the lords of Capital).

So revolution shall continue until the workers of Egypt and everywhere else, at both sides of the Mediterranean, take the power into truly democratic hands, including and emphasizing power over the economy, collectivizing all major property.

Partial source: Uruknet.

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