Monday, January 28, 2013

Extreme capitalism = slavery

This is the model of development and job creation that the European neofascist propose for Spain: casinos and degrading decadence cum slavery.

Bourgeois perverts eat sushi extracted from a dying ocean on the body of a naked woman
Las Palmas Casino (Canary Islands)

That's the "way forward" that decadent late Capitalism seems to offer as only option: sell your body and life for a few euros to satisfy the endless predatory hunger of the ineffable markets, embodied in the faces and behavior of those degenerates.

Of course "workers" have no right to even go to the bathroom.

And worse: the media sells this as the way to go, as great innovation and what not.

In Spain proper, South of the Ebro river down to the seas that bath the Sahara, there does not seem to be anything else in offer: after demolishing the promising solar energy and diverse research projects accumulated through a decade or two. It seems that the heirs of Aznar has chosen the same road to nowhere: earlier it was the brick bubble and now it is the casino and prostitution bubble. All mafiosi from around the world are welcome: this is not even half-assed capitalism but raw decadence as gangsters like it.

Just like with Cuba under Batista.

And the colonies (Canary Islands, Al Andalus) get the worst of it, of course. They always did and they always will... unless they rise up.

Unemployment in Spain (2011): green < 15%, yellow: 15-20%, red > 20% (source)

Source: La Haine[es].

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