Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day of struggle in Athens as police attacks squats again

The occupied social and housing center Villa Amalias, recently evicted by the fascist police forces of Greece (every other police votes Nazi, it's a fact, yet there's no purge), was reoccupied this morning only to be forcibly evicted after 9:20, arresting 101 people who were inside. 

Some 200 other people protested the new eviction from outside. Other 40 (37?) activists decided to occupy the see of the Democratic Left party (right-wing breakup faction of SYRIZA now participating in the bourgeois government). Police intervened and arrested the protesters. 

Cops entered with war weapons in the DIMAR headquarters

The fascist police forces then attacked another squat, Skaramanga, arresting seven people who were inside. 

In solidarity the following actions were called:
  • Patras: demo at uni at 5:00pm
  • Veroia: concentration before the Town Hall at 6:00pm
  • Heraklion (Crete): Anarchist groups attacked the court of justice 
  • Chania (Crete): protest at the Agora
  • Athens concentration before Police HQ at 6:00pm
  • Etc.

Communication by the Villa Amalias Squat:
VILLA AMALLIAS – Today at 9.20 am, and following the reoccupation of Villa Amalias by dozens of comrades, the building was invaded by riot police and anti-terrorist police units without the presence of an attorney, to remove the comrades and evacuate the building. The 101 comrades, despite the difficult position in which they have been placed by the state, organised collectively and exited the occupation in formation, not loaded with weapons as many media parrots would imagine, but with their fists raised and their voices echoing: ‘the right is with the insurgents and not with the ruffians and the  subservient’.
As Villa Amalias was being evacuated, the cops, after an order by DIMAR (centre-left party participating in the governmental coalition), proceeded to remove and arrest 40 comrades from the symbolic occupation that took place at the offices of DIMAR, in support to the reoccupation and evacuation of Villa Amalias.
The state now progresses even more clearly, for those who have not yet understood it, to the implementation of the doctrine of zero tolerance to anyone who fights and resists, anyone against the fait accompli imposed by those with power and money. To all from below, to all society. To all of us whose lives are more than just another number, just another stone to their fallacious social formation.
Polytechnic School Meeting 3pm
Gathering outside the police headquarters 6 pm

Communication by the Skaramanga Squat:

15.56pm: A police raid took place today (9/1) at 15.00pm in the Patission 61 & Skaramaga squat. Seven comrades are inside the building (currently witnessing the police search in the squat). The repressive operation came vindictively few hours after the re-occupation of Villa Amalias and the occupation of DIMAR headquarters, which resulted in their eviction as well as the arrest and detention of approximately 150 comrades.

The tripartite government, the police and the ΝΑΤ (Merchant Seamen’s Pension Fund that claims ownership of the building) are mainly responsible for this attack. They will find us against them.

Hands off the squats! Immediate release of all arrestees/detainees!

Immediate withdrawal of repression forces from both Villa Amalias squat and Skaramaga squat

Sources: Contra Info, From the Greek Streets (→ link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6, link 7, link 8).

Update (Jan 10): communication of the 93 prisoners from inside the police dungeons (From the Greek Streets):

“We will do it again, as many times as it takes”


  1. I keep reading about the rising unemployment rate in the European countries.

    "More Europeans are out of work now in the eurozone — almost 11.8 percent — than in the entire two-decade history of the common currency."

    I guess the Southern/Mediterranean European countries are the hardest hit. Is there a common thread in the growing failure of these Economies and what do you think will be the future consequences? Maybe these Countries pulling out/being thrown out of the EU?

    1. Earlier I read that 19 million, of which almost 1/3 are Spaniards (6 million) and 1/4 French (4.5 million). Figures of 12% would sound "good" in Spain, which has had them as a chronic figure and now is over 25% - and non-stop growing until the whole economy has frozen.

      "Maybe these Countries pulling out/being thrown out of the EU?"

      You never know but it's clear that the only solution is a joint solution. A revolutionary one however.

      Otherwise nobody wants to pull out because switching currency would be an even worse disaster, at least in the short term. And kicking someone out is not legally possible, at most a state can be "suspended" but never expelled and requires the unanimous vote of all other members. It would imply a "constitutional" reform to expel any country no matter what it does.

      I think that the situation will slowly degenerate until it explodes in a revolutionary way at pan-European level.

    2. Looks like the Greek Police arn't very kind to foreigners as well ---> Korean Tourist Beaten Up In Greece ... ... They are just harming their economy further by ill treating the tourists.

    3. 50% of them vote to the Nazi party, we know because police vote in dedicated booths. 50%!!!

      They should all be in jail but they are the ones who jail you and beat you instead.


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