Saturday, January 26, 2013

Summit of the Peoples in Santiago de Chile

In response to the EU-FTAA and EU-CELAC necolonial summit taking place in Santiago de Chile these days, popular organizations from Europe and Latin America are celebrating an alternative Summit of the Peoples[es] in that same city this weekend.

According to Argentine analyst Atilio Boron[es], the European Union brought such an ultra-liberal (ultra-capitalist) trade treaty proposal that pales the nature of the FTAA itself. However the exact content of the proposed treaty is not yet known in full because of total lack of transparency and only leaks point to this conclusion.

For the first time ever, the newly created CELAC will play a role in this imperialist summit. The Community of Latin American and Caribbean Countries, which arose as anti-imperialist alternative to the nearly deceased OAS after the USA kicked its own butt with many geostrategical errors, notably the Honduran coup. The irony is that the CELAC is made up of such different regimes as the ultra-capitalist ones of Chile (presidency now) or Colombia on ones side and the hardcore communist one of Cuba and this time the beleaguered Presiden of Chile, Santiago Piñeira is pulling the ember to his own sardine, as its said in Spanish, and promoting a neocolonialist ultra-liberal agenda. Whether he will get away with it or will all remain just a high-profile international meeting remains to be seen. 

Meanwhile the popular organizations from both continental regions are drafting a global campaign[es] to castrate the illegitimate and brutal power of corporations, especially large ones.

In a time and age like the present, corporations (the main manifestation of private Capitalist power) are without doubt the biggest threat to humankind in many fronts. They are promoting the dismantling of all public solidarity (welfare) and also of all legal regulations to their power, redefining the states in pure capitalist terms: army, police, judges and prisons for the defense of their illegitimate private property. 

Down with them!

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