Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spanish official in the Basque Country lies to hide baby robberies

I have not deal before with this matter I believe but one of the great scandals in the Basque Country and also in general in the State of Spain is the massive robbery of babies in maternities beginning in the 40s (under fascism) but continuing and even increasing after the alleged democratization of the regime in the 1970s.

The criminal baby-kidnapping network particularly affects the Basque Country, where thousands of babies may have been stolen from their mothers, who were told the babies had died, and given in illegal adoption to who knows. So far not a single case has been solved and the cover up is becomingly too obvious and too wide, including public health services, the Catholic Church and every other layer of state administration. 

The latest has been almost self-inculpation by the (unelected) Western Basque Government's health councilor Rafael Bengoa (PSOE) who happily claimed in a radio interview that an ETA bomb destroyed the registry before 1975-76. 

There was never such bomb, by ETA nor anyone else. He totally made it up. 

The shameless and self-inculpating (of at least complicity) declarations have been compared to all-time classical lies like "the dog ate my homework" and the more recent "I did not leave the ship, I fell on a boat". 

Source: Gara[es].

More information on the babies' robbery scandal at SOS bebés robados[es].

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