Monday, February 27, 2012

Wikileaks is back with the 'shadow CIA' files

Actually it has been active all this time for what I can see in their main page, but only today it has jumped to the media (in Spanish language at least) with a new exclusive media bunch of leaks.

These are the files of a global private intelligence company: Stratfor. While I and possibly you had never before heard of this company, it has already earned the nickname of "shadow CIA". 

At the moment of writing this, I have only got yet a very shallow notion of what all this is about but I imagine that we will know much more in the following days and weeks. 

By the moment in Spain it has hit the front pages[es] that the spies secretly mocked former ultra-conservative, recycled fundamentalist fascist, prime minister J.M. Aznar, whom they considered the more extremist political leader of the West back in the day, much more extremist that Israeli officers, go figure!

The list of media with special access to these leaks, after the Guardian-NYT-Spiegel fiasco, is much more diverse:

Pick your source(s). 

A central theme is about Stratfor and other agencies' attempts to subvert Wikileaks and imprison Julian Assange. Other issues are corruption of journalists by Stratfor or Zionist infiltration in Venezuelan political leadership and attempts of taking control of Hugo Chávez in person by sexual, financial or psychological means.

We'll see what comes out.

Resources: Wikileaks main page, Wikileaks: The Global Intelligence Files, Público: Wikileaks The Global Intelligence Files[es].

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