Thursday, February 9, 2012

From the Net: '48 hour General Strike announced for February 10-11 as Greek government announces full-on war against the people' (Occupied London - From the Greek Streets)

The first details of the new memorandum have already surfaced: Papadimos,  the banker-appointed-prime-minister,  together with the leaders of the parties that participate in the coalition government (Karatzaferis, of the extreme right LAOS), Papandreou , of social-democrat PASOK and Samaras, of the right-wing ND) have just agreed on yet another round of austerity measures, including universal decrease of salaries 22% and the end of permanent employment status, severe cuts in pension funds and the immediate sacking of thousands of public sector employees.

The two mainstream trade unions in Greece (GSEE and ADEDY) announced a 48-hour General Strike for Friday and Saturday (February 10 and 11), while a call is circulating for a rally at Syntagma Square on Sunday Feb. 12. The stalinist trade union, PAME, is calling for demonstrations today in cities across Greece.

There will be absolutely no public transportation in Athens tomorrow or Saturday, except for ISAP (metro green line, only running 10am-5pm both days).

On Tuesday, Eurostat announced that 27.7% of people in Greece already live below the poverty line. On Wednesday, the country’s official statistical service, Hellenic Statistics, announced that in November 2012 unemployment reached above 20% — all this only two years after the original loan agreement between the greek government and IMF/EU/ECB.

This morning the workers in the Organisation of Housing Projects (OEK) occupied the building of the organisation and a group of them just occupied the Ministry of Labour in Stadiou street. Hospital nurses and doctors are rallying in front of the Ministry of Health while marches have been called this afternoon in various cities of the country by workers centres and unions. In Athens, the Law School was occupied to act as a base for action. The occupation just issued the first announcement titled:  “In order to liberate ourselves from debt we must destroy the economy” calling for a march at 18:00 in Athens University Propylea on Panepistimiou Ave.

... full story (updated on the march) at Occupied London - From the Greek Streets.

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