Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Greek MPs demand that Germany pays war indenities

While the row on the upcoming Greek disorderly bankruptcy heats up, 28 MPs from diverse political affiliations have decided that it is about time that one of their creditors and toxic friends, Germany pays the indemnities for the occupation and massacres in World War II. While Germany is keen to pay tribute to the racist and genocidal colony of Israel regularly, Greece has yet to see a single Deutsche Mark (or euro) in war reparations. 

The MPs consider that Germany owes Greece 52 billion € (what is still barely above a 15% of the debt Greece has accumulated, 360 billion €) but they also demand compound interest, what could well cover the bill or at least a fraction of it (depending on the interest rate considered).

In spite of being one of the most determined ally countries in World War II, defeating Mussolini and putting fierce resistance to the German occupation, the USA, Britain and France forced Greece not to demand war reparations back in the day. However Italy did pay 100 million USD.

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es] (except for the compound interest estimate which is mine: 280 billion € at a constant 3% interest rate, SA says only 72 billion € what is, I think, a ridiculous amount for a 57 years-old debt, but of course it depends on the interest charged).

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