Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Luca Abba will survive but injuries severe - TAV/HSR works continue in spite of massive protests

As mentioned yesterday, Italian farmer and ecologist Luca Abba was severely injured after suffering electrocution and fall from an electricity tower, when police was murderously chasing him without any regard for security. 

Struggles in Italy reports today that Abba is out of mortal danger but that he has extense burns, broken spine in several places, lung puncture and a minor head injury. Besides burns, the electric shock may have damaged some organs, something that is not clear yet. 

As result of this murderous police aggression, a large spontaneous reaction took place in all the Val Susa, with workers walking out of their jobs and people cutting the highway in protest and duel (it was still blocked by the night).

Demonstrations ensued in the evening in many Italian cities and also Barcelona and Stuttgart.

See also: Contra Info, for more details on the protests.

Popular road blockade at Val Susa

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