Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Protests resume in Bahrain one year after

Today a year ago, the Arab Revolution reached the Persian Gulf and, for the first time, directly targeted the heart of the Islamist beast: the Gulf theocracies. 

What happens in Bahrain is not detached of what happens in Saudi Arabia and the other absolutist theocracies... It is more related to these than to Iran by all means. By means of Bahrain and Yemen, revolution can reach the heart of Arabia and maybe that way exorcise theocratic tyranny on Earth for good. 

It's about time indeed. 

Today the People of Bahrain has gone out to the streets again and has found the mercenary police (usually foreigners) defending the despised tyrant Al Khalifa. 

Yesterday night already, police charged at the Pearl Roundabout against protesters, using tear gas and stun grenades. 

Clashes resumed at noon when small groups of protesters tried to march to the iconic Pearl roundabout in the center of the capital Manama. Many people were arrested. 

Later many humvees (armored vehicles of US manufacture) were spotted at the roundabout. Police was also reported in large numbers along the main highway of the country in a obvious attempt to control the protests and prevent villagers from reaching the capital. 

In spite of all measures the number of demonstrators marching through Manama is said to be in the thousands. 

Sources: Al Jazeera (1, 2, 3), BBC

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