Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Greece stopped in General Strike against EU demands of even greater austerity

Yesterday's demo under the rain
Among the blackmail already accepted by Athens it is the firing 15,000 public servants (none of them police agents nor officers of the oversized military). Other impositions include a reduction of minimum wages by 20% to the worst paid workforce in the Eurozone.

Based on the many unions taking part, it is expected that ships and trains will remain idle today, while urban transport instead will work semi-normally between 9:00AM to well in the evening in order to allow demonstrators to reach the urban centers. Hospitals will only attend emergencies, schools will be closed, as well as tribunals and bank offices.

The strike is meant to force the weak Greek government, which gathers all non-communist parties in an attempt to make up the IMF dictatorship as national unity, to resist the EU blackmail.

Source: Gara[es]Occupied London.

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