Saturday, February 18, 2012

No more Fukushimas, Garoña shut down

The very old and obsolete nuclear power plant of Garoña is not just the closest one to where I live but it is also too similar to the design of the ill-fated Fukushima to be relaxed about it at all. The license of the plant is being extended once and again in spite of reports and promises. 

For that reason and, coincident with the unwanted visit of the monarch of the occupant power Juan Carlos Borbon Borbon (alias 'Double Bourbon' - for good reason, mind you) on Tueday 21st there will be a protest before the monster tower of Iberdrola (the local feudal electricity company) which is formally inaugurated in that day (building pictured).

More details at Sare Antifaxista[es]: link 1, link 2.

The greatest risk area of Garoña includes most of the Basque Country

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