Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brutal police repression in Valencia

Spanish police charged yesterday mindlessly in Valencia against students who, quite ironically, were protesting against police violence the previous days, as well as against budgetary cuts in education.

When the demo arrived to the Government Delegation (all powerful Spanish proconsul's office) it was surrounded by scores of police vans and their usual porcine meat cargo. Charges began immediately, followed by many arrests.

This was followed by a protest at the central police station, which again was responded by police charge and more arrests, including the beating of elected deputy Mònica Oltra.

A third police attack happened  at the central station, where parents and teachers had gathered separately. Six people, including a minor, were arrested. 

I forecast a very hot year in the state of Spain, because all the two-neuron IMF-docile government knows is to unleash the dogs.

The single twin party PPSOE lost four million votes in the last general elections and now rules with the support of only 15 million votes (roughly).

Sources[cat/es]: La Haine, Kaos en la Red (videos).

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