Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From the Net: 'Greece: Eurogroup imposes interest of usurers to be guaranteed by the constitution' (S. Karayannopoulos at IDOM)

[The last] Eurogroup meeting in Brussels finally reached a deal and, in the most provocative manner, put a seal on the drama that the Greek working people have had to endure for the past two years.

The highlight of this provocative deal is the obligation on the Greek parliament to revise the constitution in 2013 and insert a clause that will safeguard the interests of lenders and transform these into a national priority. Healthcare, education, wages and pensions, issues of vital importance for the Greek people, are to be regarded as insignificant compared to the need to ensure the profits of the usurers.

Note by Maju: this essentially demonstrates how the EU as we know it must be scrapped in order to save Europe, both as sociological reality and as project of continental convivence and sharing. As it is, the EU is just the enemy of Europeans. 

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