Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The dirty war continues in the Basque Country: boy kidnapped and threatened by police

As I have been sadly forced to denounce once and again here, the Spanish authorities are doing everything in their hands to reverse the peace process. In this case I have to report the continuity of dirty war tactics by police forces, which include persistent stalking, kidnappings and death threats. 

The latest most outrageous case was that of Iker Uruburu, from Bilbao, who was first bothered by two policemen in plain clothes on January 6th when he went to work. Without further explanations and after being violently pushed against a wall, he was threatened repeatedly with arrest. 

He was followed in the next days. 

On February 23rd, in the afternoon, he was kidnapped by several unidentified individuals who forced him into a car. He began yelling and hitting the doors of the car demanding to be released until they threatened him with being shot on the spot. 

Then they brought him to a rather hidden park (Los Caños), where they pulled from his hair and threw him to the floor while yelling threats and insults. They threatened him with arrest if he did not cooperate.

Today, together with a large support group, he has denounced these aggressions before the media. 

Stop police stalking!

His attorney, Roberto Zenón, has denounced that they are collecting many testimonies like his these days and that they suspect that many others remain unreported for fear.

A protest has been called before the government subdelegation on March 10th at 12:00.

Sources[es]: Branka, Gara.

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