Sunday, February 5, 2012

Greek class war: President's home attacked, hospital collectivized

ContraInfo reports today on these two news items, which reveal the intensity of the ongoing Greek class war and the growing power of the Working Class as the capitalist state disintegrates under its own incapacity:

A brief note mentions that some 30 hooded activists attacked with stones the home of the President of the Republic, K. Papouilias, highlighting the ultimate vulnerability of even the highest echelons of the Greek regime to determined popular action.

A quite longer article details the struggle of public health workers, who occupied the General Hospital at Kilkis, Macedonia, putting it under complete worker control:

According to a statement (4-2/2012) released by the workers’ general assembly in the General Hospital of Kilkis, the doctors, nurses and other staff declare that the long-lasting problems of the National Health System (ESY) in the country cannot be solved through limited claims of the health services sector. Thus, workers at the General Hospital respond to the Powers’ fascism by occupying this public general hospital and putting it under their direct and complete control. The decision-making body for administrative matters will be the workers’ general assembly.

They also stress that the Greek government is not acquitted of its financial obligations towards the hospital. The workers will denounce all competent authorities to the public opinion and, if their demands are not met, turn to the municipalities, the local and the wider community, for support in every possible way of their efforts: to save the hospital and defend the free public health care, to overthrow the government and every neo-liberal policy.

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