Sunday, February 12, 2012

Arab blogger deported to the heartland of Islamist Terror, Saudi Arabia, on accusation of 'insulting Mohammed', where he will probably be tortured and executed

This and other developments really emphasize that rather than looking so much at Syria, we should be looking at Saudia, Bahrain and the other theocracies of the Arab Peninsula. After all Syria may be whatever but at least is a secular regime like almost no other in the region (correction: like absolutely no other political system in the area, all of which are more or less functional theocracies, including Judaist Israel, religious segregationist Lebanon and a Turkey that is quickly returning to theocratic values while ruled by a religious party). 

Hamza Kashgari, 23, a journalist from Jeddah, dared to speak out his heart about Mohamed, whom Muslims consider the holiest prophet and what not, for what I could gather at Saudi Jeans:

In his tweets, Kashgari imagined a conversation with the Prophet in which he said they are equal, and that although he admires many of the Prophet’s characteristics there are also others that he disliked.

More specifically he seems to have told Mohamed that:
I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you and there is a lot I don't understand about you. I will not pray for you...

That is enough to get you tortured and killed in the Saudi theocracy, so when the matter became hot, he rushed to the airport and flew to Malaysia, apparently as intermediate step to New Zealand, where he hoped to get asylum. 

But the Malaysian racist theocracy, another Islamist tyranny that discriminates against all non-Malays (aboriginal peoples, Indians, Chinese) and forces all ethnic Malays to remain Muslim by law, subject to Sharia tribunals instead of civil ones, has extradited the journalist, even if there was a court order against that extradition

His Twitter account appears to have been deleted, it is not clear by whom.

Clerical mob call for his execution in TV and all around the Net

A mob of clerics has appealed for the execution of Kashgari just for having his own opinion. Some say that he has repented and must therefore be forgiven, but that is not the point at all: it is his human right to renounce to religion (it is a choice, not any obligation, can you get that in your little brains?) and even to insult Mohamed if he feels that way (I also feel insulted by so many other things, grow a thick skin!)

It is said that Mohamed despised idolaters and that idolatry is what Kashgari in his unrecognized wisdom is denouncing: idolatry of the figure of Mohamed, idolatry of the sharia, idolatry of the Quran, idolatry of mere words and idolatry of the clerical hierarchy.

But the idolaters of words won't understand they will just get more angry, stupidly so. For example:

Dumber and he would not have been born


And there is people who follow this Nazi? C'mon!

It is clear one thing: we shall only respect those who respect. Nor respect for fascists and no respect for religious fanatics but rather an all-out war. 

We should get those really crazy guys shaven, feathered and sent to Mars in a rocket - one  way ticket of course, let their "god" bring them back if he can/wants.

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