Sunday, February 12, 2012

From the Net: 'Battle Against The State of Oakland - Karo's witness' (Y. de la Vega at Occupy LA)

The police draw their paintball guns. I am standing behind one of the barricades. They point to us. Bile piles into the back of my throat. I am their enemy. Through their megaphone they announce that the “State of California” declares us an unlawful assembly. I have lost count on the number of unlawful assemblies I have been a part of since October. I am an assembly, I am peaceful, I am here because this is my world and I want to change it. They don’t care. We duck behind the barricade, unsure of whether they will fire, whether we should stay.

The crowd begins to trickle out. The police presence is heavy. The situation is impossible, the people are not ready.

Our march moves to where the Battle of Oak Street begins.

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