Thursday, February 16, 2012

From the Net: 'One year later in Bahrain, killers are still free and martyrs' family members assaulted and detained' (BCHR)

Families of martyrs in Bahrain have been suffering a punitive campaign of punishment since the start of the movement, as they have been targeted with arrests, intimidation, house raids and deliberate attacks by toxic gases. While none of the officials responsible for the protesters' deaths has been convicted at a court, and while the families should have been compensated both morally and materially for their losses, instead they are being attacked deliberately in an attempt of the Bahraini regime to punish them for openly accusing the regime with the murder of their sons and demanding to hold the officials accountable for these deaths. The families are being treated in a discriminative manner to force them and others into silence on the crimes of the regime. Many of the relatives have either been arrested or are in hiding in fear of an arrest.

The following are a number of cases which prove the regime's systematic manner of targeting families of martyrs. These cases are only a fraction of what the families go through, and do not include all of the attacks which they have been subjected to.

... read full article at the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (warning: some shocking pictures).

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