Wednesday, February 29, 2012

US ambassador led the coup in Honduras (Wikileaks)

Zelaya and Llorens
Just in case anyone had any doubts it has been known today, thanks to the new Wikileaks information hoards, that former US ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Hugo Llorens, was actively behind the 2009 coup that ousted legitimate President Manuel Zelaya and initiated a terror war against the Honduran People.

Llorens met former President Ricardo Mauro, Tegucigalpa Mayor Ricardo Álvarez and the CEOs of major companies: Antonio Travel, Emilio Larach y Emin Barjum, all which seem involved in the coup. 

Source: LibreRed[es].

See also this entry about the CIA agent who apparently managed all the coup and also: Leherensuge cat. Honduras, FWWATWB cat. Honduras.

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