Monday, February 6, 2012

From the Net: Latest disobedience actions in Palestine (Anarchists Against the Wall)

Beit Umar, Nilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaryout, Bilin, Maasara, Kufer al-Dik, Kufer Qaddum, Al Walaje

The last three days saw 9 demonstrations supported by AATW. From the nearly 7 years running Bilin to villages Starting to demonstrate again after a pause.

Nilin held a large and spirited demonstration, the demonstrators forced open the large meta gate in the wall and got past the tall concrete wall. In Bilin the organizers are preparing for the 7th anniversary of their continuous struggle.

In Maasara the demonstrations continues into their 5th year. Every single week for over 4 years the army has tried to intimidate the demonstrators. The dedicated group of organizers have all been imprisoned at least once and tens of thousands of shekls bail were extracted by the army. The efforts does not seem to be working, army officers come and go, soldiers leave the army but the Maasara demonstrations continue.

Kufer al-Dik and Kufer Qaddum in the Salfit and Nablus area continue to have very large numbers of people from the village. The army has been arresting many young men and youths during the last months but the resolve of those on the outside to continue demonstrating is unchanged.

In Qaryout, a village of 3800 people, about 400 men marched out to the roadblock which prevents their access to the main road. This form of collective punishment is so commonplace that it goes unmentioned. So much so that the army might not have even bothered to write down the order to close the village. A verbal order might have been enough which makes a legal appeal practically impossible not even considering the courts complicity in the army's crimes. The only hope for the people of Qaryout of opening the road is doing it themselves. They have done so in the past [see also ] only to have the army close the road again. This week they opened the road again in a collective efforts of hundreds of men. They used their hands to repair the damage the IDF's bulldozers did under orders from unnamed occupiers.

Nabi Saleh was invaded by large numbers of army and border police. They shot tear gas and rubber bullets for hours. At one point a French demonstrator was hit in the back of her head with a tear gas canister. Her condition was dangerous but at this point she is out of danger. This shooting comes after the killing of Mustapha Tamimi with a tear gas canister a few weeks ago in Nabi Saleh. The IDF spokesperson first claimed to have reports from Nabi Saleh that the injured woman was hit by a stone. When video refuting this claim was released the IDF admitted its first version was not true.

The Beit Umar demonstration was joined by the 'run across Palestine '. Together the American group and people from Beit Umar planted olive trees on the land of the village near the settlement built on their lands. The army used stun grenades to try to prevent the people from planting trees and kept pushing people away to prevent the planting. Despite that about 20 trees were successfully planted.

In al Walaje the demonstrators marched down to the site of construction of the wall that will surround their village. Four people were randomly arrested for no other reason than to deter people from demonstrating. They were lucky to be released later, it could have just as easily ended up in a trial for trumped up charges. The organizers plan to hold demonstrations on Sundays ever other week.

Copied from Anarchists Against the Wall. Both images correspond to Nabi Saleh (Feb 3 2012).

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