Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EU's brutal and absurd impositions on Greece

Per the BBC, citing 'unconfirmed reports', Brussel impositions on the Greek Working Class (not even a single one on the elites, police or military) are:
  • Minimum wage to be cut by 22% from 751 euros per month to 600 euros.
  • Supplementary pensions to be reduced by 15% but basic pensions also likely to be cut
  • 15,000 public sector jobs to go by end of 2012
  • But holiday bonuses, known as 13th and 14th month salaries, expected to be saved

The last "but" is an Anglosaxon idiocy because it's no bonus, just a different way of splitting yearly salaries, meant to increment holidays' expenditures, demand and farce consumerist happiness

Not a single line on tax evasion (massive and a major reason behind the budget crisis), not a single line on increasing taxes (much less income or business or profit or capital transfer taxes), not a single line on reducing public expenditure in the military, the most oversized of Europe. 

While feeling European I must say that this European Union is not at all what I want and, that they do not represent me at all. They only represent oligarchic predatory interests. 

Peoples of Europe, rise up or you will be squeezed just like the Greeks are. 

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