Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From the Net: 'Val di Susa, Italy: Clarea mountain hut evicted, authorities’ land expropriation and a comrade in extremely serious condition' (Contra Info)

In the morning of February 27th the eviction and demolition works at the Clarea mountain hut (meeting place of NO TAV* resistants in Susa Valley) began along with transport of construction material and authorities’ land expropriation.

At around 8.30am Luca Abbà, a NO TAV activist, climbed an electricity pylon trying to slow down the military-industrial operation. A cop started climbing the pylon too, in an attempt to take him down —an absolutely murderous maneuver, without safety nets or any such equipment at the spot.

Despite the cops’ pressure, Luca communicated that he would not desist, and indeed he would have ascended higher if he had not suffered a strong electric shock, causing him to fall from several metres. The cops-murderers’ responsibility is irrefutable.

Luca was transferred by helicopter to the CTO hospital in Turin after almost an hour since the ‘accident’ caused by the repressive forces.

... full story at Contra Info.

Luca Abbà and the electric tower where he was murderously attacked by police

* TAV: Italian and Spanish acronym for High Speed Rail

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