Monday, February 6, 2012

Fire breaks out at nuclear facility at Moscow

A so-called 'non-operational' nuclear reactor is hosted in the research facility where the fire broke out, in the outskirts of Russia's capital city. While authorities deny any risk or radiation leak, fire crews were not allowed in. 

The reactor, the first one ever built in the former USSR, had been shut down, it's claimed, on December 25th. No casualties are reported.

Source: Bellona (via EneNews).

I find kind of odd that since I have my attention focused on nuclear matters, that is: since Fukushima catastrophe on March 2011, I have been reading (and in most cases reporting) on way too many accidents and risk situations in nuclear facilities, very specially in the USA (but also some in Europe). If this is the normal situation, specially as power stations age, then it is absolutely miraculous that only three major accidents have happened (allegedly) in what is going on of nuclear age. With so many minor accidents happening each day, there should be a major one every few years at the most. 

And, of course, a Chernobyl/TML/Fukushima every few years (or even every few centuries) is not a price that Humankind can pay for anything. 

It's just mad power mongering by your usual recurrent villains, who are not distinct as your rulers or corporate masters. After all it's mad-level power for mad elites.

Do you even remember M.A.D.?

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