Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spain refuses Basque prisoners' petitions to be moved closer to home

The Spanish government has rejected all and each one of the individual petitions written by Basque political prisoners to be moved towards the Basque Country. Today most of them are scattered many hundreds of kilometers away from home.

According to the Ministry of Interior the petitions "were a legal fraud" because they did not "ask for forgiveness to the victims" or "expressed any rupture with ETA". Many Basque political prisoners are not even ETA members at all but victims of the ideological repression of the last decade, which has brought so many journalists and politicians to jail. 

The Collective of Basque Political Prisoners announced in December that they would perform this formalism and asked the states (Spain and France) to respond positively in order to advance towards peace.

However it would seem that Spain is determined not to allow peace to happen, that they are much more comfortable in a dynamic of open war.

Source: Gara[es].

Map of Basque prisoners' dispersion (source)

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