Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From the Net: 'Okinawa will accept radioactive debris' (Fukushima Diary)

Japanese prime minister Noda visited Okinawa on 2/26/2012, then Nakaima Hirokazu, the Okinawa mayor decided they will accept radioactive debris if Japanese government asked them.

Having this decision, Naha shi and Haebaru shi have decided to be forward to accepting the radioactive debris.

Onaga Naha city mayor stated, “As Japanese citizen, we shall help disaster area by accepting the radioactive debris.”

... full story at Fukushima Diary.

Note: yes, that is the absurd, idiotic, suicidal attitude of the Japanese officialdom and some sheepish citizens: instead of trying to contain the damage to where it happened (NE Honsu) they are spreading it to all Japan "in solidarity". Stupid like nothing I have seen before.

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