Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More info on the landless eviction at Sao Paulo

I briefly mentioned days ago the eviction of a community of the Movement of the Landless near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Thanks to LINyM[es], I can now give more information:

The eviction was not engineered by the Federal authorities of Brazil but by Sao Paulo state under the rule of the conservative Social-Democratic Party of Brazil (PSDB), specifically of governor Geraldo Alckmin.

The land occupied by the Brazilian citizens without land and without anything, belongs now (nobody seems to know how) to some mafioso named Naji Nahas. Nahas was sentenced in 1997 to 24 years in prison for crimes against the economy, including sinking his own company Selecta. He was however acquited on appeal in 2004. Previously the land belonged to the state and it is totally unclear how it was transferred to Nahas.

The eviction took place after a night of celebration for the postponement of the eviction, delay that was then annulled, taking everyone by surprise and a hangover.

The belongings of the people were stolen and what they could not take destroyed with the homes. All by surprise and with violence.

See video:

The Town Hall organized an improvised refugee camp in a gym, where 400 adults plus children have to share two toilets and three showers. 

In fact, the conditions are more like a concentration camp. The people were given identity bracelets and ordered to keep a curfew. Most destroyed them in anger but those who wore them were arrested and beaten by the police. 

Material solidarity with the victims of the fascist terror and speculation in Sao Paulo can be canalized via the account indicated HERE.

Updated information in Portuguese language can be found at the blog Solidaridade à Ocupaçao Pinheirinho.

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