Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Honduras: SAB-Miller illegally evicts again farmers from their lands

It is the fourth time in a row that seems endless. AZUNOSA, subsidiary of SAB-Miller has again evicted, with full state complicity, the farmers occupying lands attributed to them by the National Agrarian Institute (INA). 

It happened on June 29th in Aguablanca Sur (Progreso, department of Yoro) and, in spite of the blatant illegality, some 300 members of the police took part in the eviction. Heavy machinery also was used to demolish the homes of the farmers and destroy 420 Ha of maize plantations, as well as 280 Ha of yucca, banana, beans and vegetables.

Afterwards they began working the land to sow sugarcane.  

The farmers have been left with nothing but are reorganizing themselves.

Farmer occupation in Santa Barbara

600 farmer families took part in the recovery of lands in Canaan community (Naco, department of Santa Bárbara). They have already begun to work the land for food in what they describe as a process for food sovereignty. The occupied lands were assigned to agrarian reform in the 1970s. 

Source: LINyM[es] (link 1, link 2).

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