Monday, July 22, 2013

Apartheid and genocide against Naqab Bedouins

That Israel is nothing but an Apartheid and Genocidal colonial regime in Palestine is well known, at least to me. But the Zionist hasbara (propaganda) machinery is powerful and well organized and they work hard to hide the facts and spread lies and convenient half-truths. For all these reasons it is important to now and then relearn the hard truths of the Zionist regime. 

In this case it is the so-called Prawler Plan, which intends to remove Bedouins (with status of Israeli citizens, for the record) from their lands and install them in urban slums in order to expand the Jewish control of the Naqab (Negev), which is about 1/3 of Palestine by extension (and therefore more than half what they usually call Israel: the Southern District of this entity has 14,000 km² while the internationally recognized Israel has just 20,000 km²). 

The spearhead of this and other genocidal racist colonization projects is the Jewish National Fund, a Zio-Nazi pseudo-charity dedicated to eradicate Palestinian Natives and plant trees or install Jewish settlements. For a time the JNF was part of the State of Israel, what handicapped its racist genocidal intent, not allowing in theory for racist discrimination. However the JNF is since 2007 again a private entity and therefore allowed under the Apartheid Israeli legislation, which clearly privileges Jews over Natives, to discriminate on grounds of ethnicity or faith. 

The following report by The Real News is a must-watch in order to understand what is going on:

Source: The Real News (via EI).

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