Friday, July 12, 2013

Turkey: clashes with police in Antioch and Ankara - fascists attack popular assembly in Istanbul

Protesters clashed with police in Armutlu, Antioch, tonight. Many resulted injured, at least one in critical condition.

Antioch tonight

In Ankara the police failed in its repressive attempt. After some three hours of fierce struggle, police was driven out. Here also several reported injured: one blinded and another one in critical condition after being hit on the head by a gas canister. 

Occupied Taksim (includes video of Antioch). 

In the centric neighborhood of Samatya (Fatih = historical Constantinople), largely inhabited by Armenians and Kurds, a fascist squad armed with iron bars attacked the people holding an assembly.

Occupied Taksim (video).

The same blog recommends us another new blog (by the same editors) in English with opinion articles on the Turkish Revolution. 

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