Monday, July 8, 2013

Turkey: dozens arrested, many injured in yet another Taksim Square battle

According to Gara[es], at least 59 people have been arrested by police in Istanbul, including two journalists and one foreign citizen, as well as a physician and a student of medicine who were giving first aid to demonstrators. 

The battle between Erdogan's repression dogs and the popular march began at Taksim Square and Gazi Park, when the latter made the Nth attempt to liberate the public space from the hands of police and the corrupt authoritarian governmen, under the slogan "give back the park to the people", after a judge ruled that the commercial center project was illegal and null. 

The clashes continued in Istiklal Avenue, the main commercial artery of Northern Istanbul.

According to Webguerrillero[es], the march could not even reach Taksim Square, as police had blocked the end of Istiklal Av. with armored vehicles, quickly proceeding to repress with water cannons and tear gas. 

The march intended to symbolically bring the judicial sentence to the authorities in Gezi Park itself but the governor of Istanbul declared it illegal and proceeded to, once again, bring violence to the streets of the bicontinental metropolis.

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