Monday, July 29, 2013

NSA police regime scandal: Greenwald confirms Snowden's reports

ABC glenn greenwald this week jt 130728 16x9 608 Glenn Greenwald: Low Level NSA Analysts Have Powerful and Invasive Search Tool
Glenn Greenwald

NSA analyst Glenn Greenwald admits that the powerful spy agency can do almost anything in your computer:

Greenwald said the existence of these analyst search programs are in line with the claims of Edward Snowden, who first leaked details of the NSA's surveillance programs last month.
"It's an incredibly powerful and invasive tool, exactly of the type that Mr. Snowden described," Greenwald said.

NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander and House Intelligence leaders have previously downplayed Snowden's access to NSA data. Greenwald said the revelation of this search capability deserves a response from NSA officials.
"NSA officials are going to be testifying before the Senate on Wednesday, and I defy them to deny that these programs work exactly as I just said," Greenwald said.

Greenwald also called on lawmakers to push for more information about the NSA's surveillance programs.

"The real issue here is that what the NSA does is done in complete secrecy. Nobody really monitors who they are eavesdropping on," Greenwald said. "So the question of abuse is one that the Congress ought to be investigating much more aggressively."

Excerpted from a Yahoo! News article

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