Monday, July 29, 2013

Syria: more and more rebels accept amnesty, government clearly winning now - Kurdish viewpoint also

Hundreds of former rebels have already accepted the amnesty offered by the Damascus regime, disillusioned by the reality of Islamist-controlled areas, where the most brutal terror reigns. 

The Baath government seems to be winning the civil war and has offered amnesty and dialogue to those rebels who surrender. The process of negotiation in the front lines is however intrinsically difficult. 

Relatives of good-faith rebels are very concerned because they feel that, if they fail to surrender they will probably lose their lives in the last battles of a war that now seems clearly won by Damascus. 

What remains to be seen is if the Damascus government can also win peace in the new context of widespread demand for human rights and democracy. Something they already have: Syria has a much more advanced social state than any other neighbor. 

Source: Webguerrillero[es], citing the Daily Telegraph.

Kurds on Syrian war: a controlled chaos

In an interview published this weekend in Gara[es], Western Kurdish leaders Asia Abdullah and Salih Muslim (pictured), gave their opinion on the Syrian conflict from the Kurdish viewpoint.

They emphasize that the situation of the Kurdish people in the Syrian state is peculiar and that they have no friends in either side. Therefore they favored a peaceful revolution and took a self-defense stand, which is a de facto self-rule at the moment. However they argue that they have no declared nor plan to declare an autonomous region but just attend the daily needs of their people in the midst of this chaos and international blockade.

They confirm that Assad is winning the war because the opposition is dramatically fragmented and weak, being dependent in the military aspect on the Islamists, who have the weapons and manpower.

They believe that the Syrian conflict is a controlled chaos promoted by the West (France, USA) in order to weaken the region even further. Other actors like Turkey and Iran have their own interests (Islamists and Government respectively).

They feel very skeptic about the possibility of a peace agreement in North Kurdistan (under Turkish administration) because, much as happens in the Basque Country, the rebel side has taken all steps while the imperialist authorities remain anchored in immobility. They say: the ball is now in the Ankara's court and they must choose whether to belong to the Middle East or vanish.

More in general, they propose and promote Radical Democracy as actual solution for the ethnic and other conflicts in the whole region. This Radical Democracy would essentially decentralize power so each community can take their own decisions. It is, they say, a more developed version of the concept of Democracy in total harmony with the recen social movements of Europe.

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