Thursday, July 4, 2013

Basque Country: IKEA workers on strike

The strikes in IKEA Barakaldo have been a very clear success, with most workers joining them. The Swedish multinational has responded with illegal measures firing striking workers (totally illegal) and replacing them by new staff. 

The strikes come as result of new working hours schedules that would force employees to work six days per week (instead of five) and reduce the number of yearly free saturdays from 17 to just 8. All workers would be obliged to work as much as nine hours per day, even those with half-journey contracts. 

The company tried to minimize the impact of the strike putting their managers to work as provisional cashiers, as every single cashier had joined the strike. This is illegal and contravenes the right to strike, reason why the Company Comitee (worker representation) has sued them. 

Further negotiations have not reached any deal. 

IKEA Norte is making ridiculously high profits and there is absolutely no objective reason to make such brutal demands to workers, much less in a context of widespread unemployment, where new workers can be hired almost overnight.

Source: Herri Kolore[es].

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