Friday, July 12, 2013

Greece: Nazi cowards attack children while police watches

The degenerate state of Greece under the bourgeois puppet government can hardly be better illustrated by this cowardly attack and the passive attitude of police towards the Nazis. 

Some 80-100 Nazis armed with crowbars attacked a social center in Ilioupoli, an Athenian suburb, at the moment (7:30 evening) when dozens of children attended their English language classes and only two adults (one of them an aged teacher) were in.

There is video evidence of two police officers on motorbikes watching the attack and smiling.

Fortunately nobody was seriously injured (minor injuries are indeed reported) but the whole place was trashed. This is the third time the social center has been attacked

The Assembly of Synergeion decided to denounce the attack before the tribunals, using the testimony of neighbors, a legal strategy that will probably leave the attackers at large because the Nazis are known to intimidate even judges.

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