Wednesday, July 3, 2013

France: political trial against anti-Zionist for calling to boycott Israel

How ironical that anti-discrimination laws are used against those who are fighting against Apartheid and Genocide!

Seven activists faced trial in Alençon, Normandie, after they took part in a propaganda action in a supermarket, calling for boycott to Zionist products. They risk a fine of up to €1000 for "discrimination". Three others suffered a similar ideological persecution in Perpinyá (Northern Catalonia). Hundreds concentrated in their support in both cities.

France seems to be one of the states on Earth where campaigning against Zionism is most actively persecuted:

Dozens of activists have faced criminal charges or investigation and the French police regularly demand the names and addresses of activists that take part in actions organized in support of BDS against Israel. Several activists have already been issued with heavy fines.

The Zionist regime and its necessary associate the Zionist International, so influential within the Western Empire (but also in other powers like Russia or India), is trying to intimidate by means of political persecution the the campaign of disobedience against their imposition of Hebraized neo-Nazi values. They do not seem to understand that repression only strengthens the determination and support for those who are so obviously right. 

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