Thursday, July 25, 2013

Greece: police raid in Patras in support of the Nazis - trotures reported while under arrest

From From the Greek Streets:

Patras: anti-fascists clash with the fascists of Golden Dawn; police detain 25 anti-fascists in retaliation

On the evening of July 24, local Golden Dawn members had called for and attempted to hold a gathering at the square outside stadium of Panahaiki (a local football team). Just prior to the gathering, approximately 50 anti-fascists were pushed back by the riot police guarding the square on behalf of the Golden Dawn nazis.

Later on, at approximately 11pm, car with GD members drove past Olgas square, a popular anarchist/anti-fascist hang-out. It was swiftly attacked by the anti-fascists and members of the police’s DELTA squad attacked them in retaliation. 

Approximately 25 anti-fascists were detained by the police and some were subsequently tortured at the police HQ. At least two anti-fascists who had been seriously injured had request to see a doctor rejected for hours.

At approximately 02:40, all 25 anti-fascists were finally released.

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