Monday, July 29, 2013

Germany: yet another immigrant slave-labor scandal

Romanian and Bulgarian citizens have seen themselves forced as quasi-slave labor for years in the meat industry of Germany. 

The slave master is Wiesenhof, a major meat corporation based in Bremen, who established a de facto concentration camp in the most incredible Nazi style in a rural area near this city. This are the living quarters of the workers: barracks surrounded by barbed wire and tightly watched by security guards, who impede anyone from entering or leaving. 

We woke up at two in the morning and worked until five in the afternoon, says a Romanian worker. Maybe they needed us again at seven and woke us up...

They had us controlled every second, even entered the quarters to see if we were sleeping, explains another worker. She was one of the denouncers and was threatened: don't you fear to go to an attorney and explain what happens, warned her boss, I say because maybe you go out there and a car runs over you, or maybe someone beats you to death and buries your body in the middle of nowhere, several meters away from your head.

Salaries? 600-700 euros.

This is not the first such scandal: Spanish nurses were deceived[es] into a similar meat industry arrangement but they refused the job, a similar situation affecting this time to Polish workers was denounced[de] weeks ago, and yet another similar case affecting Spanish workers of Amazon Inc. was denounced months ago[es].

It seems a widespread and growing problem that makes me wonder if this is the European Union that Germany wants: a IV Reich?

Sources: Webguerrillero[es], Das Erste[de].

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