Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cuts? Not for police! Spain's riot police equipment budget grows 1900% in just one year

Cuts in basic social services, cuts in salaries, increment in direct taxes, all to pay tribute to the mafioso banksters... well not all, their dogs also get some and what "some"!

From €173,000 spent in anti-riot equipment in 2012, the assignment has become in 2013 €3.26 million and is planned to become more than €10 million by 2016. 

What kind of "toys" will the mercenaries of Capital get? Bulletproof vests, tear gas, batons, shields and rubber bullets (decreed by EU to be phased out already... to no avail). But that's not all: laser guns (which cause temporary or permanent blindness), sound cannons (already used in the USA against protests and in the waters of Somalia against piracy, which cause vertigo and nausea), microwave cannons (which cause serious burns), electromagnetic weapons (various effects) and cannons that throw a glue-like foam that stick the victim to the ground.

The use of these weapons is in many cases surely illegal. Also, after the initial shock, the effect will be surely only to increase the anger and dimension of the popular reaction. 

Source Webguerrillero[es], citing Russia Today[es].

This is a clear signal that Rajoy and his rotten reactionary camarilla do not plan to call elections before 2015 in spite of their obvious lack of popular support, and it is very possible that somehow the do not plan to release the government at all, be it in coalition with the pathetic "opposition" (PSOE and UPD especially) or by whatever other means (coup?)

Beware! We live in a very dark era.

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