Monday, July 29, 2013

Italy: racist attacks against Congo-born minister

Some days ago in Cervia, a small group of Nazis threw bananas to the Italian minister of Integration, Cécile Kyenge (pictured), born in Congo.

However much worse was that in the previous days, notorious politicians of the North League (secessionist and racist even towards Southern Italians), threw outrageously racist attacks against Kyenge. 

First a former councilor, Dolores Valandro, using Facebook, asked for someone to rape Kyenge, after she defended the immigrant community from generalized attacks upon an isolated rape crime. Valandro was expelled from the party and sentenced to 13 months of prison and three years of political disqualification for inciting to commit sex crimes on racist grounds. 

Then, on July 13th, the vice-president of the Senate and former minister under Berlusconi, Roberto Calderoli, compared Kyenge with an orangutan, raising demand of resignation by the majority of the chamber (to no avail).

Source: Público[es].

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